Tea Gift Sets

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Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets and Tea Party Favor Ideas

Tea Gift Sets are an important part of any party, especially a tea party. You don’t need an excuse for a tea party, but tying it in with someone’s birthday or other occasion can make it extremely special. At one of my fresh tea parties, I chose to favor a Friend with a Tea Party on her birthday.

Nearly all the guests didn’t know my buddy, so I only debated the birthday to her friends and family on my guest list. This way people didn’t feel required to get a gift for a stranger, and the gift-giving by her pals took place after the tea party was officially over and the other guests had gone home. This is especially vital in the spring when wedding planners reserve invited guests chairs weeks ahead.

Soft background music is certain to be a pleasure at a party, so keep your ears open. When I inquired about it, I was very thrilled to hear they had the CD for sale. Early in your planning, pick up 2 interior decorating references, or log on to view the latest colors and looks in tableware and linens. Then select linens in those colors, or make use of a white or grimy white table cover which may show off the season’s colors in your selection of quality tissues in fabric or paper, candles, ribbons, and flowers.

Always remember:  your visitors don’t have to how where you bought your linens and dishes, or what you paid for them. If you have a good eye and some creative capability, you can put together a gorgeous table to rival anything you see in a mag for a little bit of the cost. When I need a table-cloth, I search out bargains; a sale at the mall or maybe something vintage at an antique or 2nd user store.

When employing a table with all its leaves, it’s hard to find the best fabric to cover the entire length of the table, so I first lay down a big solid white bed sheet. Then I layer on two or three cloths in pastel pinks. Any color will work while all the table-cloths are in the same shade. On top of these, I spread out three or four old lace cloths, holes and all. At a fabric store, I found a long piece of off white sheer fabric broadcast with pale pink and lavender flowers.

I tied the half-finished ends with satin ribbons and let them fall off the ends of the table.

When a table cover is much too long for a table, use wide wire-edged ribbon to tie up each corner of the fabric. Second user stores are good places to find pedestal plates and teapots alongside candlesticks and candelabras. Wash metal candle holders; polish them or re-paint them in high-gloss enamel white.

Choose what works for you and have on hand a sufficient amount of Tea Gift Sets. Then your party will be a complete success!

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Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings